DTF printing

Textile labeling has never been this easy!

(DTF printing for resellers only!)

Try out the opportunity offered by our latest development, digital transfer printing!

QuantityNet price
Minimal price3000 HUF
0,3 – 1,9 m²10 150 HUF / m²
1,9 – 3,2 m²9140 HUF / m²
3,2 – 6,3 m²8230 HUF / m²
6,3 – 12,6 m²7400 HUF / m²
12,6 – 30 m²6670 HUF / m²
30 – 60 m²6000 HUF / m²
from 60 m²5400 HUF / m²
Preparation fee per graphic: 500 HUF + VAT

  • The above prices include the cost of materials, printing, and cutting to size.
  • The prices are net prices and do not include VAT.

  • Thanks to digital technology, high-quality prints are now available from just 1 piece, matching the quality of screen-printed transfer decals.
  • Color gradients and halftones are beautiful, and thanks to the 1440 dpi printing, even millimeter-sized letters are sharp.
  • Colors are vivid, wash-resistant, and the print does not crack or stretch with the material.
  • There are no tooling costs, no pre-treatment, no need to weed out small letters from foil, and thin lines are perfect.
  • Thanks to the white underprint, it can be excellently used on colored substrates.
  • Cotton, blended fabric, synthetic materials, paper, plywood, canvas are just a few of the materials it can be used on. T-shirt, sweater, raincoat, puffer jacket, umbrella, baseball cap, conference bag… these are just a few products we’ve already tested and it works reliably on.

You can now take orders in small quantities at low cost, with color quality. We will send you the finished print, all you have to do is iron it for 15 seconds at 160 degrees, and you’re done.

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Transfer printing

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