UV Transfer printing

New solution in the world of labeling and emblem making

UV Transfer technology, also known as UV DTF, offers a new solution in the world of labeling and emblem making, as it can be used on almost any kind of hard surface product.

UV Transfer technology involves printing directly onto an adhesive film in a white, CMYK and varnish layer, the print then passes through a laminator, which is used to apply a film to aid application. With the prints thus made, there is nothing more to do than to cut them up and stick them on.

The application of UV Transfer stickers is extremely simple – no tools are required to apply (e.g. heat press, iron, etc.) just the cleaned surface product, the sticker and your hands. As a first step the UV Transfer sticker is peeled off the white film, then positioned, then, once properly adjusted, the sticker is firmly stitched on and the transparent film is peeled off. And there you have it, your fully customized product.

QuantityNet price
Minimal price9500 HUF
0,7 – 5 m²13 900 HUF / m²
from 5 m²10 900 HUF / m²
Preparation fee per graphic: 300 HUF + VAT

  • The above prices include the cost of materials, printing, and cutting to size.
  • The prices are net prices and do not include VAT.

How is it different from an ordinary paper or vinyl sticker?

  • UV Transfer stickers are also excellent for use on products with a dark surface.
  • No special pre-treatment required of the surfaces to be labeled.
  • There is no need for scoring or cutting.
  • Background-free, borderless designs can be produced, which are similar in quality to screen-printed designs.
  • Thanks to the varnish layer, the surface of the UV Transfer sticker is glossy and has a nice 3D effect, giving a very sophisticated look.
Thanks to the advantages of UV Transfer technology and its ease of application, it is a great way to label advertising and promotional products.

A guide to material handover:

  • Maximum print width: 58 cm
  • Please submit the files to be printed in 300 dpi resolution, in CMYK color mode, backgroundless, to scale TIFF format.

On our YouTube channel we also show you
some ideas of different usability ways of these stickers.

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UV Transfer i.e. UV DTF presentation
Usage ideas for producers
Making a unique bottle in a few steps
UV Transfer sticker on a sports bottle

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Air freshener

Die-cut air freshener cardboard UV printed, with string, scented, packaged.

QuantityNet price
100 – 250 pieces125 Ft / piece
251 – 500 pieces116 Ft / piece
501 – 2000 pieces105 Ft / piece
2001 – 10 000 pieces103,50 Ft / piece
10 001 – 50 000 pieces97,20 Ft / piece
50 001 – 100 000 pieces86,70 Ft / piece
from 100 001 pieces78,90 Ft / piece
The above prices do not include the price of the information label.
The price of the information label: 10 HUF + VAT / piece

  • The above prices include the cost of materials, printing, and cutting to size.
  • The prices are net prices and do not include VAT.

The following scents are available:

Minimum order quantity per scent: 50 pieces

new car












Frequently used die-cut shapes:

Click on the shape for downloading the template, or download all shapes in one file.

For additional or custom shapes, please contact us.

i 006 i 070 i 026 i 100 i 031 i 042 i 047 i 057 i 058 i 069 i 093 i 114 i 140 i 112 i 133 i 010 i 091 i 001 i 008 i 009 i 092 i 045 i 083 i 257 i 055 i 096 i 143

Air freshener shapes

Please pay close attention to the following when creating the air freshener design:

  • Vector templates are in 1:1 ratio, dimensions are in millimeters and indicate the final size of the die-cut product.
  • We have marked the hole punching locations on the drawings, please consider these when designing the graphics.
  • Please provide finished graphics with at least 2 mm, up to 4 mm bleed.
  • Ensure that there are no guidelines or markings on the submitted graphic material, only the desired print-ready graphics with bleed.
  • Provide print material in 300 dpi resolution, CMYK color mode.
  • We recommend that the lines of the custom shape and the designed graphic elements do not follow parallel lines as much as possible, and it’s advisable to place content and textual elements within the indicated margin.
  • For asymmetric shapes, graphics are needed for both sides (A and B).

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DTF printing

Textile labeling has never been this easy!

(DTF printing for resellers only!)

Try out the opportunity offered by our latest development, digital transfer printing!

QuantityNet price
Minimal price3000 HUF
0,3 – 1,9 m²10 150 HUF / m²
1,9 – 3,2 m²9140 HUF / m²
3,2 – 6,3 m²8230 HUF / m²
6,3 – 12,6 m²7400 HUF / m²
12,6 – 30 m²6670 HUF / m²
30 – 60 m²6000 HUF / m²
from 60 m²5400 HUF / m²
Preparation fee per graphic: 500 HUF + VAT

  • The above prices include the cost of materials, printing, and cutting to size.
  • The prices are net prices and do not include VAT.

  • Thanks to digital technology, high-quality prints are now available from just 1 piece, matching the quality of screen-printed transfer decals.
  • Color gradients and halftones are beautiful, and thanks to the 1440 dpi printing, even millimeter-sized letters are sharp.
  • Colors are vivid, wash-resistant, and the print does not crack or stretch with the material.
  • There are no tooling costs, no pre-treatment, no need to weed out small letters from foil, and thin lines are perfect.
  • Thanks to the white underprint, it can be excellently used on colored substrates.
  • Cotton, blended fabric, synthetic materials, paper, plywood, canvas are just a few of the materials it can be used on. T-shirt, sweater, raincoat, puffer jacket, umbrella, baseball cap, conference bag… these are just a few products we’ve already tested and it works reliably on.

You can now take orders in small quantities at low cost, with color quality. We will send you the finished print, all you have to do is iron it for 15 seconds at 160 degrees, and you’re done.

Watch the videos on our YouTube channel!

T-shirt making has never been easier
Transfer printing

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Illuminated sign

Plexiglass sign


Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is a specialized printing process in which the ink transitions directly from a solid to a gas state under heat, bypassing the liquid phase.

This process allows the ink to bond at a molecular level with the material being printed, resulting in durable and vibrant products.

QuantityNet price
Minimal price6000 HUF
5 – 20 m²1250 HUF / m²
20 – 50 m²1000 HUF / m²
50 – 200 m²800 HUF / m²
200 – 500 m²745 HUF / m²
from 500 m²690 HUF / m²

  • The above prices include the cost of materials, printing, and cutting to size.
  • The prices are net prices and do not include VAT.

The sublimation printing process consists of the following steps:

  1. The design is printed onto transfer paper using a printer equipped with special sublimation ink.
  2. The printed paper is placed onto the material, and the design is transferred to the material using a heat press at high temperatures (around 200°C) and pressure.
  3. Under heat, the ink becomes a gas and embeds into the fibers of the material. Once cooled, it solidifies again, ensuring the design is permanently and wear-resistantly fixed.

Sublimation printing can produce a variety of products, such as:

  • Clothing items: T-shirts, sportswear, caps
  • Home decor items: Pillowcases, curtains, bedspreads
  • Advertising materials: Flags, banners
  • Corporate gifts: Mugs, mouse pads, keychains
  • Fan merchandise: Scarves, seat cushions, drawstring bags

For sublimation printing, the material must contain at least 80% polyester to ensure proper ink adherence. Sublimation can only be performed on white materials because the ink does not have a coating layer, meaning colored materials would not display the desired colors accurately.

Advantages of Sublimation Printing:

  • Excellent colorfastness and wear resistance.
  • Vibrant and detailed colors.
  • Flexible and soft final product that does not affect the material’s breathability.
  • Cost-effective and quick process.

The maximum printing width for sublimation is 160 cm, while the maximum sublimation width on material is 156 cm.

Order Process:

  1. Submit order: Orders are submitted via email, including the production files.
  2. Payment: Pay the pro forma invoice.
  3. Production and shipping: We produce the requested material and ship the package.

For orders on supplied material, we request a sample piece of the fabric for test printing before the first print.

If needed, we also provide comprehensive sewing services to create the finished product from the printed material. This service is provided based on a custom quote, so please contact us via email at for details.

Discover the advantages of sublimation printing. Experience durable and vibrant colors on various products.

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See How Our Sublimated Textiles Are Made:

Sublimation printing step by step

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Illuminated sign

Textile change

Illuminated sign

Press wall

Illuminated sign

Vertical sign

Illuminated sign

Projecting sign

Illuminated sign

Wall sign